All photographs by

Mark Leibowitz

I met Mark on Abbot Kinney during the first week I started the blog. We exchanged cards and spoke about perhaps doing a shoot later on. A few months went by and then Mark popped back up and asked me if I would like to gather a few people that I had shot and do a photo shoot. We did just that a few weeks ago. I think I was the only nervous person of the lot, I’m more comfortable behind the camera I’ve learned. As uncomfortable as I was, it was a pleasure watching Mark work and having my beautiful and talented friends with me for the shoot. Thank you to Jason Fonte at Euphoria Salon for the haircut a few days prior, my friend Matthew of Late Sunday Afternoon for the beautiful scarf, and Mark and his assistant Casey for such great photographs. Joe, Kassidi, Nana, and Nick you are all amazing friends and I am blessed to have you in my life.

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This time I got shot on Abbot Kinney


Los Angeles

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