Nick Fouquet

Hat Maker



1. Where are you from?
N: Born in NYC , grew up in France and went to school in Florida

2. Where are you now as you answer these questions?
N: On the beach between sets.

3. What led up to Nick Fouquet being founded?
N: I worked under a Desighner in Hollywood called Christophe Loirent of Mister Freedom, knew of Gregory from Venice, and always loved the hat he was wearing, when he told me how he made it, I said its on!

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
N: Traveling, movies, Tom Sawyer and Keith Richards.

5. What are you listening to now?
N:Jacques dutronc Et moi Et moi et moi

6. Favorite artist?
N: Tough! Peter Beard, and the list goes on and on

7. If you were not a hat maker what would you be?
N: A professional adventurer

8. If you could put one person dead or alive in a Westrbook Maker who would it be?
N:Ralph Lauren

9. What is something you could pass along to me?
N: “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.” Jack Kerouac




Westbrook Maker Fashion Campaign from Rachel McDonald on Vimeo.

Nick Fouquet


New York


Nick Fouquet

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