Model Citizen: 3

OAK interviews Jenny Albright for Nylon Mag


How old were you when you started modeling? 


Favorite thing about modeling?

It’s really cool that I got to start traveling at such a young age.

One thing you’d like to say to people that think modeling is easy?

Certain aspects of modeling are hard, but if you’re confident in yourself and have a good head on your shoulders, it IS kind of easy. Cole mining. That’s a hard job.

Favorite photographer?

Mario Testino


Best advice you’ve been given as a model?

Make good use of all the free time! Its important to be working toward other things you’re passionate about so you can feel like you’re accomplishing something even when modeling jobs hit inevitable lulls.

Favorite designer?

Saint Laurent

How do you describe your style? 

This summer I’ve been living in white tshirts and high top vans

Best beauty tip you’ve been given? 

The secret to the Erin Wasson undone bed head look is dry shampoo!

Favorite City to work in?

Sydney was my first time oversees and I ended up staying for three months. I might still be there if my visa hadn’t expired!


Whats on your playlist right now?

Childish Gambino and Danny Brown

Any special projects you’re working on for yourself? 

My best friend Isaac and I are djing together…we’re called Daddy Likes


Jenny Albright


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Garrett Leight, Larsson and Jennings, Levis, Lightning Bolt, Nick Fouquet

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